There are two possible options to connect your PayPal account - Option 1: NVP/SOAP (classic integration) and Option 2: API REST V1.

We recommend trying NVP/SOAP (Classic) first. In case you have issues with getting payments through this integration (it is usually related to some requirements PayPal applies to countries where an account is registered in) you can try API REST V1 integration.

Option 1: NVP/SOAP (Classic)

Connecting PayPal Personal account:

In your PayPal account, go to Summary => Seller preferences.

Click Update in your API access settings.

Proceed with Manage API credentials.

Copy your API Username, API Password and Signature.

Connecting PayPal Business account:

Visit your PayPal account and go to Profile and Settings.

Proceed to My selling tools. Find API access option and click Update.

Go to Custom checkout experience -> NVP/SOAP API Integration (Classic) -> Manage API credentials.

Copy your API username, API password and Signature.

Go to AliDropship -> Settings => Payments to enable PayPal as your payment gateway. 

Add your PayPal email, API username, API password and Signature.

Please make sure you the correct settings on your PayPal account like it is shown below:

Go to Seller preferences:

Website preferences: 

Go to Seller preferences -> Block payments: 

Option 2: API REST V1

Log in PayPal developer account at using your usual PayPal login credentials. 

Go to 'My Apps and Credentials' and click 'Create app':

Add App name and select your Sandbox developer account (if you don't have any, you need to create it: Sandbox -> Accounts.

Read more about sandbox accounts in PayPal Sandbox Testing Guide.

Please remember that PayPal has its own restrictions for accounts from different countries. Sometimes you need to have business account (e.g. Russia), sometimes personal is enough (e.g. USA). 

Once you've created  an app, you can either enable testing mode or live mode.

Copy your 'Live' API credentials and paste them in your WP admin area.

Disable Demo mode when you are ready to accept payments in Live mode:

If you have any questions regarding PayPal sandbox settings, your account restrictions or settings please contact PayPal support.

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