There are not any signs of AliExpress and prices on packages. However, sometimes sellers from AliExpress include their business cards in the package. Anyway you can always send a comment with your order asking your seller not to include anything. The sellers on AliExpress have a clear idea about a dropshipping business model and will be happy to assist you.

You can use following sample text:

‘Dear seller, I work as a dropshipper. Please, do not mention AliExpress and your return address and don’t place your business card into the package. We look forward to continuing and further developing our cooperation with your store. Thank you!’

As for original prices that can appear on the package, we are dropshipping with AliExpress for several years and no one ever complained about the price on the package. Most probably, people don’t even look and are most focused on items inside. Anyway, if they complained you could tell them that the price is lowered to avoid paying import taxes.

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