This guide is for the AliDropship Original plugin version only. If you use WooCommerce + AliDropship Woo, please go check this.

We highly recommend providing your customers with free shipping service by taking advantage of the free/low-cost shipping offered by many AliExpress sellers. However, the plugin has a special section where you can create different shipping options and select countries that you ship to.

With our Shipping section you can create your own shipping options or set default ones:

  • Apply to each product toggle button. Enabled: shipping cost is calculated per item in your cart. Disabled: shipping cost is applied to the entire cart.

    NOTE: If that option is disabled, you will not be able to set individual shipping methods per item since it may cause conflicts.

To configure delivery methods, create a new one or click Edit in the existing one. Now you will be able to change:

  • Enable/Disable toggle button.

  • Title this name of the shipping option will be shown on the checkout page.

  • Minimum order price toggle. Set a minimum order amount required for that shipping method to be available.

  • Delivery Time – set the number of days required for this shipping option.

  • Comment – for internal use only.

  • Shipping cost – set the cost of delivery that will be added to your selling price for this shipping option.

  • Shipping zone – set all, just one or any other count of countries that you ship to.

  • Apply to – with that option, you will be able to choose products or categories to which you want that shipping option to be applied.

To choose one product or several click the Add button and then select products:

Choose category or categories:

Click Save once all changes will be done.

If you want to have a chance to change shipping options for a particular product, make sure you've enabled the Apply to each product toggle,

go to Products, select a product and click Edit. Scroll down to Product Options and change shipping options in the Shipping section.

After making necessary changes, click the Update button.

So, in this case, if you enable different shipping methods for different products, your customers need to select the shipping method for each item in the cart:

If you want to apply shipping costs to the entire cart, switch off the Apply to each product toggle and enable shipping methods you want to use in your store. In this case, the Shipping section in Product Options will be disabled, and global shipping settings will be applied to all products in your cart.

E.g. You have enabled Free Shipping, Super Savings as a paid shipping method, and Standard Shipping (which is paid method also), you add 3 products in your cart, so your customers will need to select one out of three shipping methods on the checkout page and this amount will be added to the cart.

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