Built-in currency switcher allows your customers to switch between the different available currencies.

Go to  Appearance -> Widgets -> AliDropship currency switcher.

On your right hand, you will find the designated areas where you can place this widget. Just drag ‘AliDropship currency switcher’ and drop in the area where you want it to be shown on your front-end.

You can also insert a shortcode in your WordPress theme:

[adsw_currency_switcher title=”Currency”] – in this case currency switcher widget will be shown with the title ‘Currency’

[adsw_currency_switcher] or [adsw_currency_switcher title=””] – currency switcher widget will be shown without any title

Or use php code :  <?php echo do_shortcode(‘[adsw_currency_switcher title=”Currency”]’); ?> to show currency switcher widget in any place on your site.

You can customize currency switcher as you want: go to Appearence -> Customize -> Additional CSS:

Default currency is shown the first. To add more currencies to the list go to AliDropship Woo -> Settings -> General  – > Additional currencies -> Select currencies you want and click ‘Save changes’. Customers currency will be detected automatically according to their IP. If there is no selected currency for some country,  the default currency will be shown.

If you want to change currency position, set thousand, decimal separators or the number of decimals, enable toggle 'Enable currency settings for all selected currencies':

If you decide to change your default currency, go to AliDropship Woo -> Settings -> Currency - select currency and click Save Changes. 

After that go to AliDropship Woo -> Settings -> Pricing - click Reset prices and after that Update Prices. 

If you use 3rd party cache plugin please enable the toggle in AliDropship Woo -> Settings -> General to make it work properly:

Please pay attention that Price rounding and assigning cents were moved to AliDropship Woo -> Pricing. Now everytime you change something in pricing formulas, in price rounding or assigning cents you need to click ‘Update’.

In this case all exchange rates will be calculated properly.

If you want to use some 3rd parties currency switcher plugin please disable AliDropship Woo built-in currency switcher.

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