1. Create an account with SendGrid.com. Please be noted that there are different pricing plans.

2. Add Email Address and Password → Click Create Account:

3. Add additional information → Click Get Started:

4. Confirm email address:

5. Go to SettingsAPI Keys → Create API Keys:

6. Give the name to your Key and select FULL ACCESS → Click Create & View:

7. Copy your API key and paste it to the AliDropship plugin settings:

Click Save Changes:

8. Now you need to approve your sender domain. Click Sender Authentication:

NOTE: If you are not using branded email (support@yourdomain.com), then choose Single Sender Verification:

9. Click Get Started in the Domain Authentication Section:

10. Choose your DNS host:

11. Type in your Domain name and click Next:

12. Add all records to DNS Zone of your cPanel to verify your Sender Domain Name and then click Verify:


Contact us for any further information: support@alidropship.com

NOTE: Some of the new accounts can face warning, that their accounts are under suspicion. That accounts will need to provide answers on following questions:


Q: How many total subscribers are on your list?

A: No one, it will be my webstore customers.

Q: What is the process of email collection?

A: From contact us form available on my webstore.

Q: How many times per month would you like to send?

A: It will depends on quantity of my customers.

Q: How were you sending emails to your list?

A: I don't have any lists.

Q: What kind of mails are you planning to send? Please share some sample content of the emails.

A: Transactional and Thank you for your order letters.

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