1. Create account with Sparkpost and select a plan.

2. Enter your domain name and click Add domain:

3. Select Rest API:

4. Once you get your API key, insert it in your WordPress admin area:

5. After registration you will receive a confirmation email with activation link. Click this link to complete registration process. You will be redirected to your Dashboard. Click Verify your sending domain at the bottom of the page.

6. Go to your domain settings to continue.

To use your domain for sending, add TXT record to your DNS settings, paying close attention to the specified hostname.

Your TXT records could be stored in two places:

  • either cPanel account;

  • or your domain registrar account.

It depends on the way you propagated your domain name. If you changed DNS – find your TXT records in cPanel, if you changed IP – you need to find them in your domain registrar account.

Find both instructions below, but you need to follow only one option.

Option 1 if your TXT records are stored in cPanel:

Add a new TXT record:

Option 2 if your TXT records are stored in Domain registrar account:

Add new TXT record.

Put in the Host and Value fields the Hostname and Value from your Sparkpost account.

Once your TXT record is added, you need to verify it:

It’s done!

Please note that some countries are not supported by Sparkpost:

  • Russia

  • Turkey

  • China

  • Singapore

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