We have created a detailed guide so you can easily set up email notifications on your site, along with creating a Sendinblue account. Please follow the steps below and feel free to contact us if you encounter any difficulties.

1. First of all, create an account with Sendinblue.

2. After registration, remember to verify your email address. Just click the link that you will get to your email address.

3. Fill in the information in the 'My profile' section:

Insert a personal validation code that you will get on your mobile phone:

4. Now, you need to add and verify your Domain name. Go to the 'My plan' section and select 'Senders & IPs' on the left:

5. Afterwards, you are to add and verify your domain name. Proceed to the 'My plan' section and select 'Senders & IPs':

To authorize your domain name, you need to add a TXT record in your DNS Records. Please open your cPanel → Zone Editor. Refer to the screenshots below:

Add new TXT records. Put in the Host field your domain name, and in the TXT value, insert three records from the Sendinblue domain authorization page.

After that, visit the Sendinblue domain authorization page – you need to click the Record added. Please verify it button, and then the I'm done button as well.

6. To use Sendinblue for notifications on your site, you need to activate the Transactional account. 

To have it approved, you should send an email to Sendinblue support  (support@sendinblue.com) answering the following questions:

• Could you please tell us how you collected your contact list?
• Can you tell us how many contacts do you plan to use on your SendinBlue account?
• Would you be able to provide us with the link to your subscription form as well as a link to the website that advertises your services?

Here is a sample message you can send:


I will use email notifications on my website to notify my clients about purchases and changes in order status. For example, I collect emails on my store from the checkout page. I only use customers' emails for notifications; no double-opt-in is used. The volume of emails per month is 100-200 emails'.

Insert link to the subscription form and your domain name link as well.

After a few hours, the support team should activate your account.

7. Finally, copy your API key for Version 3 and insert it in the Notifications settings of the AliDropship Plugin.

Note: If you test your mailing service notifications and find out that letters never come up:

  • Please ensure that Sendinblue has already verified your account.

  • Check your quota and email backlog. If you have emails in backlog and your quota is equal to '0 of 0 emails', that means that your quota drops off to 0 emails. Please check clarification from the Sendinblue Support Team below:

- Transactional platform starts out with a quota of 100 emails per hour for accounts sending from our shared IP range. The quota will increase or decrease based on the results of your transactional emails or if you do not send emails, it will reduce too.

- If you exceed the quota, your emails will collect in the backlog and will send in the subsequent few hours once your quota frees up enough to send more. You will see your quota raise fairly quickly to adapt to your sending volume if your emails are generating good engagement (high open and click rate, low amount of bounces, no complaints).

On the other hand, if your emails are generating hard bounces and/or complaints, your quota will drop and may reach 0 emails per hour.

- ​Normally, it takes a few hours for your quota to adjust. We recommend keeping an eye on statistics to make sure that everything is going as expected.

For any further questions regarding their services, please, contact the Sendinblue support team.

If you need further assistance with our integration or you see any inaccuracy, do not hesitate to contact our support team. Our professional team is always glad to help you out with any issue.

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