With the Facebook Login option, you can provide your customers with a secure, fast, and convenient way to log into your website without them having to create a password.

To get started, visit https://developers.facebook.com/, enter or create your account and click My Apps:

Click Create App:

Select an app type and click Next:

Add display name and contact email → Click Create app:

In the Products → Add products to your app section, find Facebook Login and click the Set up button:

To select the platform for your app, click Web:

Go to ProductsSettings in the left sidebar and add your website URL: yoursitename.com/userlogin/?social-login=facebook in the Valid OAuth redirect URIs field and click Save Changes (you may leave all other fields blank).

Go to your Settings → Basic. Copy your App ID and App Secret and add your Privacy Policy URL:

Add your App domains:

Go to your top panel and make your website public by changing your app status. Use the toggle switch.

Paste App ID and App Secret in your WP admin area: AliDropship → Settings → Accounts → Facebook Authorization.

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