Adding an opt in form to your website is a great way to start collecting your visitors’ emails and improve your newsletter or autoresponder campaign. By doing this you take advantage of a valuable opportunity to turn one-time visitors into regulars and customers. 


Costs 19$ per 1 month.

Step 1.

Register with

Step 2.

Go to your Aweber account->Sign Up Forms and click Create A Sign Up Form.

Step 3.

The theme has an already designed subscription form, that’s why you can skip this step and go to the second one.

Step 4.

Enter your form name, select Basic Version settings for Thank You Page and Already Subscribed Page.

Click Save Your Form and proceed to the next step.

Step 5.

Click I will Install My Form and select Raw HTML Version tab.

Find three necessary parameters in this code.

Copy and paste them in the code that you have in Customization->Subscribe Form.

Click Save Settings and you are done!


You can also use MailChimp service for collecting your subscribers emails: it allows you to have up to 2,000 subscribers and 12,000 emails per month for free.

Step 1.

Register with

Step 2.
Connect you domain to the account. After finishing the registration go to Audience tab and click "Connect a site":

Select Website Builder > Wordpress:

Enter your site URL and click "Get code":

Then copy the code and paste it to your web site. Go to Customization > Head and paste it there:

Get back to the Mailchimp account and click "Check connection" you are done.

Step 3.
Now go to the Audience tab in your account > Manage Audience > Signup forms:

Select Embedded forms:

Here you can select the form: Classic, Condensed or Horizontal (it depends on the theme you are using) and copy the code for your web site:

Select Condensed form for Davinci, Michelangelo and Rembrandt themes:

Step. 4
Go to Customization > Subscription form and paste the code:

Put this in code after <!– real people should not fill this in and expect good things…>


<small> Register now to get updates on promotions and coupons.</small>

Or you may use any text you want.

Davinci 2.0 theme

Select Horizontal form and copy the code:

Go to Customization > Subscription form and paste the code there. 

Raphael, Andy Warhol and El Greko themes

Select Horizontal form:

Copy the underlined code snippets. 

Go to your WP admin panel => Customization => Subscribe Form and paste snippets to the default code:

In order to check if you have set everything properly, please put some email into the subscription form on your website and click "subscribe". 

Don't forget to put your website address in your Mailchimp account, so visitors can get right back to your website once they signed up:

  • Go to Audience -> Manage Audience -> Settings:
  • Click 'Required email footer content':
  • Enter your website address and click 'Save':
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