Countdown Timer add-on provides you with a possibility to introduce limited-time offers in your web store which create a sense of urgency and trigger sales.

You can order it here.

To install the add-on, go to the Plugins area → Add New and upload the zip file you have downloaded from the Thank you page or from the email you received after the purchase. Click Install Now.

Activate the add-on and your license key.

To enable/disable countdown timer, go to General Settings.

Countdown timer consists of two elements: timer and sales bar. In Display options you can show either both of them together or choose one feature only.

Timers can be placed on home page, specific product pages or category pages.

Choose time range yourself by editing days, hours and minutes.

When timer expires, you can hide it or restart.

Using a wide range of features offered in Customization, you can:

  • choose one of our seven countdown timer templates

  • change text above the timer and the sales bar

  • edit the number of discounted products that are available and sold

  • pick colors and a font for the timer, the sales bar, stock and date 

In the Products tab you can apply countdown timer to the whole category, all items or choose some specific products.

You can always order the Setup Service for this add-on here:

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