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If you want to check all your traffic stats on-site dashboard, you need to integrate your Google Analytics code into the plugin.

If you do not have a Google Analytics account, you can easily create one for free on the Google Analytics website.

1. How to create a Google Analytics account.

Click here to access Google Analytics. If you have a Google account and are not signed in, click Sign in to Analytics. If you do not have a Google account, choose Start for free.

  • Type in your account name (you can use your domain name for that) and click Next:

  • Type in your property name (you can use your domain name for that) and click Show advanced options:

  • Enable Create a Universal Analytics property, type in your Website URL, click Create a Universal Analytics property only radio button, and then click Next:

  • Fill in your business information (you can choose any info):

  • In the 'Google Analytics Terms of Service Agreement' that opens, click I Accept.

  • Choose which you will be notified for and click Save (in case that pop-up appeared):

2. How to integrate Google Analytics into your website.

Sign in to your Google Analytics account. Click Admin → Tracking info → Tracking Code. Copy the script below Global Site Tag:

  • Go to your site WP dashboard → Customization → Head and add this script in the < head > tag container for head elements. Click Save Settings.

3. How to make Google Analytics live stats show on your dashboard.

Go to the Google Developer Console.

  • In the Google Developers Console, click the Select a project → New Project:

  • Enter your Project Name and click the Create button:

  • Go to Dashboard and click the Enable APIs and Services:

  • Scroll down to the Others section and click Google Analytics API:

  • Then click Enable:

  • Click Create credentials: 

  • Skip the next step by clicking Cancel:

  • Click Create Credentials and choose OAuth Client ID:

  • Click the Configure Consent Screen button:

  • Choose External user type (read more about user types HERE) → Click Create:

  • Enter your Application name:

  • Enter your domain name to the Authorized domains and click the Save button:

  • Save and continue the next steps if you have another front layout for the admin panel:

  • Then click Back to dashboard:

  • Click Publish the App:

  • Click Credentials, then Create Credentials and select the OAuth client ID option:

  • Select Other or Desktop app, enter Name → Create:

  • Client ID and Secret Client will be displayed to you:

  • Copy them and paste in your WordPress admin area -> AliDropship -> Reports -> Traffic Report:

  • Click Get Access Code:

  • If you see this screen, click Advanced → Go to ... (your app):

  • Now you can choose an account to continue → copy the Access code and paste it in the WordPress admin area: 


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