There is a simple way to track your sales and analyze the key indicators of your business. Go to AliDropship → Reports → Sales report.

Set a time period that you want your sales report to be shown:

First, you see Summary chart that shows you the Total Sales for a certain period, your Supplier Cost* (amount that you spent on products purchased from your supplier), Profit (your Total sales minus Supplier Cost), the number of Unique visitors, the number of Orders, Average order value, and finally Conversion rate – a percentage of website visitors who make purchases in your store.
*The supplier costs are added only after your order was placed on AliExpress and its tracking ID was collected.

Second, you can find all figures in Sales chart using filter By revenue or By orders.

There are also Top 10 products, Top 5 customers, Top 5 categories, Top 10 countries sections where you can filter information either By revenue or By orders.

This rating is based on your sales.

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