To manage this option, go to AliDropship Woo panel > Settings > Appearance > Attribute settings:

Enable your theme or AliDropship Woo plugin attributes’ styles.

– if you enable Nice attributes toggle you will be able to select how to display your attributes: thumbnails or dropdown:

and if you disable it your attributes will be displayed like they are supposed to be according to your theme settings:

– If you enable ‘Variations color settings’ option you’ll be able to use color samples instead of thumbnails.

Just remove variation image :

Set a color for this attribute in Product -> Attributes:

and get a result:

If you want thumbnail again just set an image for that variation.

– You can change a form of your variations by enabling/disabling toggle ‘Round variations’ :

You can change the size of variation images: max width and height is 50 px:

– CSS field lets you add or edit your own styles whenever you want on a site.

Enable this toggle if your Woo theme doesn't support displaying images in popups: AliDropship Woo -> Settings -> Nice Attributes:

Make sure you don't use any third-party plugins for product variations like WooCommerce Variation Swatches, Variation Swatches for WooCommerce etc. as they may interfere with this functionality.

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