Live chat is the online support service that provides instant help for your customers who are seeking immediate help from a customer service assistant in real time. It normally appears on eCommerce sites  in the form of a little text box that says “how can I help you?”. Live chat is a useful tool that can help you to increase your conversion rate and profit.

We are using Zendesk Chat on our stores and want to share the setup instructions with you.

  1. Visit and Click 'Get started'.

2. Enter your email and password. 

3. Enter your company name and number of employees. 

4. Enter your first and last name, phone number. 

5. Click 'Next' at Customize your team step. 

6. Verify your email. 

7. Go to your WordPress admin area Plugins - Add New, enter 'Zendesk' in search field and click 'Install Now'. 

8. Once it has been installed, click 'Activate'.

9. Go to Zendesk Chat in your WP admin area, link up with your Zendesk Chat account by entering Zendesk Chat username, Zendesk Chat password, Subdomain (e.g. - it's generated from your company name).

8. Now your Zendesk Chat is activated. You can go to its dashboard to make necessary settings.

9. In you can chat with your clients, setup your Live Chat, enable/disable the plugin. To learn more about Zendesk Chat and its features we recommend that you check this Knowledge Base and YouTube channel.

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