Your website can be easily restored if necessary (e.g. your website stopped working because of some irreversible changes) in case you have its backup copy on your computer or in another safe storage. To start creating a backup copy for your website, go to cPanel → Files Backup Wizard.

Choose Create a backup copy of your website by clicking Back Up.

Select the preferred copying type:

  1. Full Backup

  2. Partial Backup

2.1. HomeDirectory backup copy
2.2. MySQLDatabases backup copy
2.3. Email Forwarders and Filters backup copy

You are free to choose any and place files to the backup copy. However, if you are interested to copy the whole website, you should opt for the full backup copy which will include copies of all aforementioned files. To do this, press Full Backup. 

Alternatively, it is possible to carry out the copying processes separately if you intend to make copies of some certain files only. For example, you can create a a backup copy of your home catalog first and then proceed to copy database.

On the Download page use the dropdown menu to choose Home Directory as your the backup destination. Your email address which will be used for notification purposes can be added below.

Please note that you can save the backup copy on a remote server by selecting the correspondent section in the Backup Destination menu and providing the required information. After you have chosen your backup destination, hit the Generate Backup button.  It may take some time for the backup copy to be generated as it depends on size and number of files which are being copied.

Once the backup copy is made, you will be notified via email in case you have provided it. Download the created backup copy to your computer or to another storage. It should be highlighted that restoring data is not possible with the help of cPanel Backup Wizard. This can be done by uploading the archive to your hosting and unzipping it.

To check website backup copies that are available for download and stored in your Home Directory,  go to Files Backup.

Click Download a full website backup to download the full backup copy of your website.

You will be shown a list of all backup copies you have created that can be downloaded.

After you have clicked on a copy to download it, you are supposed to choose a directory where your website copy should be downloaded to.

Your website backup copy has been successfully created and saved.

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