A database is the essential element of your website, an organized collection of data which contains all your website settings, products, payments, etc. Once you have purchased a hosting plan, you need to create a database for your website. To get started, go to DatabasesMySQL® Databases.

To create a new database, enter its name and press the Create Database button.

To add a new user, fill all the required fields and click Create User.

Next you should link the user to the correct database and set privileges, as the user and the database have not been connected yet. As soon as the connection is established, the user can manage the created database.

To provide the user with management rights, you need to set certain privileges. Check All Rights and press Make Changes at the bottom of the page.

In Current Users you can not only manage and modify current databases, but also change password, rename and delete users.

Please note that user name and database name consist of two parts because of the added underscore. The first part is the login which was created for you to access cPanel account. Your login uniqueness helps to avoid duplication even if names given to database and user are similar to those which already exist with your hosting.

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