Log in your cPanel – yourdomainname.com/cpanel, enter your login and password:

Go to the Domains section and click Addon Domains:

Enter the name of your domain in the New Domain Name field:

Subdomain and Document Root fields will be filled in automatically.
Subdomain is a system field. You can change Document Root field in case you would like to change a name for your addon doman website root folder.  
Click Add Domain.

You'll see a message that your addon domain has been sucessfully added:

If you click the File Manager link, you'll see that a new folder for your addon domain has also been created. When you install WordPress for your addon domain, website files will be created in this folder (for a primary domain the root folder is public_html itself):

If you click Go Back, you'll see your new domain in an addon domains list. To go to your cPanel main page, click to cPanel logo in the top left corner:

Now you can install WordPress for your new domain. Please note, your domain name should be pointed to AliDropship server for your new website could work. To point a domain name to AliDropship server, you need to change NS records for it in your domain registrar personal account. When you purchase AliDropship hosting, you receive an email with AliDropship NS records. You can find how to change NS records on popular domain registrars in our article.

If you've lost an email with your AliDropship NS records or you require any assistance, please contact our support team at support@alidropship.com.

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