Mixed content is a site content such as images, video, JavaScript, etc. invoked over HTTP within a page that loads over HTTPS. For example, if you type https://yourdomain.com in a browser and the main page code contains an image http://otherdomain.com/logo.png, this png file is mixed content. In our example, both HTTP and HTTPS content are loading to display the same page, and the initial request is secure over HTTPS. Modern browsers will display warnings about this type of content to notify users that this page contains insecure items.

Mixed content needs to be fixed, because only when your site loads all content and resources over HTTPS, a client would see a green padlock near your domain name in a browser address bar. 

Green padlock indicates that your site content is 100% secure. 

You can find insecure items links in the Developers Console of your browser. The console could be found with pressing one of the following keyboard shortcuts in your browser: 

F12 (Windows/Linux)

Ctrl + Shift + J (Windows/Linux)

Fn + F12 (Windows/Linux laptops) 

Command + Option + J (Mac)

Command + Option + C (Mac)

The most common issue is insecure images. You can remove them in your site's WordPress admin area → Media → Library section and then import them again. This will help to make your site 100% secure. Alternatively, you may use one of these free helpful plugins to fix the mixed content issue: 



More detailed information about mixed content could be found in the documentation for Chrome and Firefox.

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