Situation 1

You activated the license key and see the notification that it is activated successfully, however you can't use the plugin and you're always redirecting to the license page.

Possible reasons: 

1. You installed SSL certificate but did not change WordPress Address URL and Site Address URL. 

How to fix:

Go to your WordPress dashboard Settings → General and check: in WordPress Address (URL) and Site Address (URL) should be set as https:// instead of http://.

2. IonCube Loader is not enabled on your hosting server.

How to fix:

  • Contact your hosting support and ask to enable ionCube Loader on your account

3. AliDropship plugin is installed in a subfolder (e.g.

How to fix:
Install your WordPress website in the root directory, public_html folder (e.g.

Situation 2

You get 'Wrong Site' error message after activation.

Possible reasons:

The 'Wrong Site' error means that your license is already activated on another domain. Note that it can be activated on one domain only and can't be used on 2 sites at the same time.

If you moved to another hosting or reinstalled WordPress, you will get this error as well.

If you added or removed 'www' or added 'http/https' to your domain, it is still considered as a new domain, and you will get the 'Wrong Site' error.

How to fix:

Contact AliDropship Support and ask to reset your license. Provide the email used to buy the plugin, the license key and the current domain name.

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