To start importing products you need first to authorize your site with the Google Chrome extension. 

Click on AliDropship extension icon and Log in.

If the autorization does not work or it works but you still can't import products, take the following actions:

1. Make sure that you are using the latest versions of AliDropship plugin, theme and AliDropship Google Chrome extension. You can always get the updated versions here: Plugin, Themes, Extension.

2. Go to your WordPress admin area -> Plugins -> Deactivate ALL third-party plugins, especially security plugins like WP Cerber, All-in-one Security, etc., cache plugins like Autooptimize, etc.

3. Clear the cache of your Google Chrome browser.

4. Update (re-save) the permalinks like it is shown below.

5. Deactivate ALL third-party extensions (for example AdBlock, VPN extensions, etc.)

6. Check if wp-json is active on your site by typing (you are supposed to see the page with text on it). If it is not enabled and you see the error - please, contact your Hosting provider for activating it on your site.

7. Contact your Hosting support and ask them to activate mod_rewrite module.
AliDropship hosting has mod_rewrite module activated by default.

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