To set up tracking service for ‘Order shipped’ email notifications and your clients’ personal accounts, go to
AliDropship Woo => AliExpress => Settings => Tracking Service. Choose one of the implemented services and Tracking ID will be attached to email notifications sent to your clients.

Your customers will be redirected to the website of the chosen tracking service when clicking on the tracking number provided in ‘Order shipped’ email or checking order status in Orders section of their personal accounts. 

Enable toggle ‘Order shipped notification’ if you want this template is sent automatically once all tracking IDs are collected.

You can find 'Order shipped notification' template in WooCommerce -> Settings -> Emails:

If you want to attach tracking to ‘Order shipped’ notification and ‘My account’ leave this option turned off:

‘Attach estimated delivery time’ option let you show in ‘Order shipped’ notification and ‘My account’ dates of delivery:

You can add custom URL for tracking orders: 

Go to AliDropship Woo  -> Settings -> General -> Tracking Service -> Custom:

Enter your custom tracking URL.
Let's see where to get this URL. For example I want to add custom tracking URL from Cainiao tracking service. Enter your Tracking ID and click Track:

Copy the selected part of the link: and paste it to the WP admin area: AliDropship Woo -> Settings -> General -> Tracking Service. 

Replace the Tracking number - UA926925855HK with the tag {tip} - customers tracking ID will be added automatically to that link. Make sure you disable 'Don't attach tracking' switcher (if it's not Tracking ID won't be attached to the email). Click 'Save'. 

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