Yandex.Mail for a domain is a free of charge service for setting up email on your domain.

You can create mailbox like “” and can use the Yandex.Mail web interface with all of its advantages, including the spam filter, automatic virus scanning, and other features for free.

For a single domain, you can register up to 1000 mailboxes.

Step 1. 

Create Yandex account: fill in all required fields.

Step 2.

Please go HERE and enter the name of your domain e.g.
Click 'Accept and connect".

Step 3.

Click domain name. At the right part of the screen select a confirmation method, we recommend to do this verification via HTML file. 

Follow 2 steps of domain verification.

  1. Download the HTML file e.g. yandex_66ee6dfd4455a888.html.

Put the file yandex_66ee6dfd4455a888.html to your site’s root directory.

Click ‘Verify domain’.

2. Now you need to set up MX records :

Your MX records could be stored in 2 places:

  • either cPanel account;
  • or your domain registrar account.

It depends on the way you propagated your domain name. If you changed DNS – find your MX records in cPanel, if you changed IP– you need to find them in your domain registrar account.

Find both instructions below, but you need to follow only one option.

Option 1: if your MX records are stored in cPanel

  1. Find ‘Domains’ section in your cPanel home page and click ‘Zone editor’.

2. Click ‘Manage’.

3. Find MX record and edit it in accordance with Yandex Guide:

  1. Delete the existing MX records (or edit the existing one).
  2. Create a new (or edit an existing) MX record with the following field values (the fields may be named differently in different control panels):
  • Value — “”. Sometimes the dot is required at the end of the server name. In some control panels, the dot is assumed automatically. In this case, you don't need to add it. But if you got an error when adding “”, just remove the dot at the end of the server name.
  • Priority — 10. If a priority of “10” is not allowed in the control panel, enter any other priority other than zero.
  • Subdomain name — “@”.
  • Wait while the changes take effect in DNS. This process may take up to 72 hours.

Option 2: if your MX records are stored in Domain registrar account

  1. Enter your registar account and find your domain name. 

2. Click ‘Manage DNS’ for your domain name.

3. Click edit MX record.

4. Edit it in accordance with Step 2 Yandex Guide and click ‘Save’.

Step 4.
Now you can create a new domain email address like "".
Once your MX records are verified go to Yandex Connect -> Organization structure -> Add -> New employee -> Fill in all fields: 

If you need more information about Yandex.Mail for a domain service please check here.

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