Dynamic Ads is a tool which allows you to create advertisements on Facebook. The important feature of Dynamic Ads is that you can carefully adjust your Campaign according to the Audience you want to attract to your Shop. The better you choose your Audience, the better cost per click you will get. You can read about how to create Audience and how to succeed in it here and here.

Before you start, make sure that you have:

  1. Business manager account. 

  2. Ad account. You can create one in your Business manager.

  3. Catalog with your products. Here you can read about how to create a Catalog and generate your Data Feed and here you can read about how to add your Products to Catalog.

After you have generated your Data Product Feed with Facebook Business add-on, you can add your Products to your Catalogue.

 Click "Add Products":

Choose "Use Data Feeds" as an Import method and click "Next":

Choose "Set a Schedule" and paste your Data feed URL.

You can also set up a schedule of automatic uploads, give a name to your Data Feed and select a Default Currency:

If you have set up everything correctly, click "Start Upload". It will take a while. A result of your upload should look like this:

Note! If you see any errors from Facebook regarding incorrect data in your product feed, please check this article to learn about how to fix them.

Now, let's create our first Campaign. After you complete all the steps in the above mentoned articles, go to Business Manager - Catalogues:

You will see your Catalogues here. Click on the Catalog that you want to advertise:

You are now on the Diagnostics page. Find Dynamic Ads and click Create Ad:

Choose your Ad account and click Next:

This is your new Campaign, so keep "Create New Campaign" value as it is. You can give a name of your Campaign, select Camaign objective (Sales, Traffic, Likes, Conversion e.t.c.).

You can also give a name for your Ad Set. Products are automatically added to this set from your Catalogue.

Give your Ad a name and click Save to Draft. That means you are not publishing your Ad yet, but you will be able to edit and preview it in the next step.

Now you are here:

Let's start step by step. First of all, take a look here:

Here we can switch between our Campaign, Set and Ad.

Let's start with Campaign. Click on your Campaign name.

You can set an overall spending limit for your advertising campaign. This means that your ad sets in the campaign will stop once you've reached your spending limit. Click Set a limit and put in the value:

Now, get to Ad Set:

You can change your Ad Set name, select a Product set or create a new set by clicking "+" and select it afterwards. 

Offers are discounts that you can share with your customers on Facebook to encourage people to purchase on your website, at your physical shop or both. You can read more about it here.

In "Budget & schedule" section you can set your Daily or Lifetime Budget (not less than $100 for Daily and not less than $155 for Lifetime) and choose your schedule options:

Here, you can create a new Audience or use a saved one for your Campaign. If you create a new Audience, you'll need to choose between "Retarget products to..." and "Show relevant products...":

Custom Audiences: You can use email addresses, phone numbers, Facebook user IDs or app user IDs to create and save audiences you'd like to show your ads to. You have two options here: Exclude and Create new:

Let's click Create new:

Click Custom Audience:

You have a list of methods of creation your Custom Audience. Let's choose "Website traffic".
After you will be suggested to create a new Pixel for your Audience. Choose a name for it and enter your website URL (optional).

Now, click Install Pixel:

You have to choose to possible ways here: to install and use this new Pixel you have just created, or to use Pixel, which you already have and which is already connected to your website and Catalogue. So, if you don't need this new Pixel, click Close. Now, you can choose your previously created Pixel. Give your Audience a name and click Create Audience:

Your Custom Audience is created. Click Done to continue. You will be directed to previous window. Click Publish to go further:

Select required options here and click Continue:

Enter your taxpayer details, click Next, or just click Skip:

Select a Payment Method and click Continue:

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