To install demo content (pages, WooCommerce categories, menus and plugins), go to your Dashboard → DaVinci Woo → General.

On the left-hand side of the page there is the Install plugins block where you can find the list of required and recommended plugins. Plugins you have already installed are marked as 'Active'. Check or uncheck items if necessary.

A child theme can be installed in the Install Child Theme section. Give it another name or leave as it is and press the Install Child button. 

Proceed to Install demo to create demo content. Use the toggle switches so that demo content suits your needs.  

You will find more settings in the WooCommerce tab.
Activate the Use side Shopping cart toggle to use both Cart page and side Cart on your website. 

If you want to show how many products there are in each product category (Slider menu), check the box in the Menus section. 

By default, the theme uses its own customizable image gallery on Single product page. To use WooCommerce gallery, check the Use WooCommerce default gallery box. Edit Shipping & Payment description shown in the corresponding tab on Single product page if necessary.

Go to the Service Pages tab to edit your 404 page. 


Go to ProductsCategories and select categories you want to Edit or create a new one.

To create a subcategory, add its name and select the corresponding parent category. Click Add a New Category.

Once you have installed demo content, go to Appearance → Menus to manage your menus. There are 5 of them available in the Da Vinci Woo theme: Top Menu, Main Menu (Slider menu + Mobile menu) and three Footer Menus.

From the dropdown, select a menu to make changes to or create a new one. Check items, which should be added to you menu, in the left-hand sidebar. To make sure you see all item groups, click Screen Options at the top of the page and check groups you want to add to menu.

Drag items to change their display order and move them to the right to make sub items. You can edit them by clicking the down arrow symbol. 

After you have finished editing your menu, check desired display location at the bottom of the page in Menu Settings. Click Save Menu


Footer menus are managed in Appearance → Widgets

To edit your footer menu, click the down arrow and select menu. 

Manage your payment icons and trust badges in Footer 2.

Social media widgets can be customized in the Front page sidebar section.
Paste your Facebook page link and add a title. Click Save

To display your Instagram widget, add your IG username or tag. Choose how many images you want to show in the widget and decide on their size.

Add widgets to your Shop page.

Choose the menu you want to show in mobile version of your website in Mobile menu sidebar.


To adjust theme customization settings to your needs and modify your website appearance, go to Dashboard → Appearance → Customize. Click pencil icons to edit specific elements. 


Upload your logo and favicon and add site title. 


Change Header colors,  add custom text and icons. 


Add your phone number or whatever information you find necessary. 


Go to Front Page → Slider to manage your slider settings. From the dropdown menu, choose how your slider should look like: 

  • Slider

  • Slider + 1 side banner

  • Slider + 2 side banners

For each banner you can upload images for desktop and mobile versions of your website, add text and links, change buttons color and show additional buttons such as View video. Use the Add new slide button to add more banners.


Customize  your super sale banner: edit text and colors and schedule Countdown timer: run it in auto mode or set end date manually. 


Edit features titles and text and change images if necessary. Click the down arrow to open feature details. 


In Front Page → Products you can choose how to display products on your Homepage.

To hide a product block, click the eye icon. Drag a blue container to change the order your product blocks appear on Homepage.  
Each product block can be customized separately: choose its layout, number of products and how many columns are shown for each block.

Mark products with a star in your WP admin area to show them in the We Recommend block.


Paste your subscription form code here and select background color. 


Click the Edit link to make changes to your Homepage article.


The theme offers a number of layout options:

  • default WooCommerce gallery,

  • side gallery (left of right) 

  • gallery which is located under the main product image


Choose how many columns to show in each Footer, adjust color settings, edit copyright notice and customize your back-to-top button. 



About Us page can be customized in Dashboard → Pages.


In your Mailchimp account, go to Lists → Signup Forms → Embedded Forms.

Choose the Horizontal embedded signup form design option.

Copy the underlined code snippets. 

Go to Customizer → Subscribe Form.
Paste the first 'action' snippet after the 'form' word

Add the style snippet (<div></div>) above the Subscribe button part of the code. 

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