After you create your Google Adwords account, you can get to start advertising. Click ‘Create Ad’:

Choose ‘Get more website sales or sign-ups’:

Click ‘Pick Goal’: 

Choose a business you want to advertise, or create a new one:

Select your customers’ location/locations and click ‘Next’:

Define your product or service and click ‘Next’:

Compose your ad. There is a preview feature here, so you can check, what your potential customers will see. As soon as you finish, click ‘Next’:

You can also add images for your ad. This is an optional step, so you can skip it, if you like. Click ‘Next’ to continue:

Set your budget and click ‘Next’:

Here you can review all steps you’ve made before. You can edit any of them if you like, or if you consider everything setup correctly, click ‘Next’:

Once you have launched your ad campaign, you can set up conversion tracking in your Google Ads account. Conversion tracking is a free tool that shows you what happens after a customer interacts with your ads. Refer to this guide to learn how to set up conversion tracking.
With the add-on installed, you do not need to add a conversion tracking tag to your website code. The add-on handles two conversions for you:

  • Product page views

  •  'Add to cart' button clicks

You will be able to see data on conversions in your Google Ads account.

Choose a campaign and go to Tools => Measurement => Conversions in the top menu. 

Select a conversion action if you have more than 1 conversion set up.

Scroll down to the Tag setup => Install the tag yourself. 

Go to Event snippet. Choose to track conversions on click (count conversions when customers click a button or link (such as a "Buy Now" button).
Copy your Conversion ID and Conversion Label.

Go to the Google Merchant add-on => AdWords settings. Enable conversion tracking. Paste your Conversion ID and Conversion Label. 

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