After the transfer has been completed from our side, you need to accept your domain during next 5 days, otherwise it will be transferred back to our account. 

  1. Check your email box for a message from GoDaddy.

   2.  Open this email and click the blue Activate Now button at your GoDaddy mail to accept the transfer. 

     3. Then you will be transferred to your GoDaddy account. Please, click the blue Yes, Accept This Transfer button.

    4. You will see this information. Please, tick 2 boxes ( 'Skip review and approve all info' and 'Use for all contact types').

    5. Please, complete contact information. After the information will be completed, click the blue Next button.

    6. You will be transferred to this page. Please, tick this box and then click Begin Transfer.

    7. After you see this information, please contact your personal support manager. We need to do some steps from our side.

   *During this process you may face the following problem:

Please, go to Back to Pending Account Changes and accept it manually.

 8.  After that you will receive one more email from GoDaddy.

     9. Then you will see this message. Please, click the Review and Approve the Update button.

    10. You will be readdressed to your GoDaddy account. To finalize transferring, please, click Yes, Update Contact Information.

    11. Then you will see this message:

If you do not accept the domain name from your side in 5 days, it will return back to our account and after a year (from the day of the purchase) it will be expired. On the 18th day after expiration Godaddy imposes 80$ redemption fee on the domain name and if you want to get it back you will have to pay this redemption fee.

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