To start adding products to your site, go to the Import section and click Import Products.

Select a category and a subcategory from the dropdown menu. You can look for the necessary products using keywords in the search field.

Product details

In the catalog you will get detailed information for each item: variations, product description, shipping options, etc.

In the Reviews tab, you'll see up to 20 customers' reviews with star rating, date and the customer's country. (They are not imported with the product, they are here just for your information. Reviews should be imported separately using the Import Reviews option.)

In the AliExpress tab, you can find links to the product and the supplier’s store on AliExpress, logistic reliability and the demand curve – how often this product has been ordered during the last two weeks.

You can sort out the search results by popularity, price and relevance with the help of the Sort by dropdown menu.

Use some product filters to narrow your choice. You can filter products out by a warehouse, a country of destination, a shipping method, free shipping availability, supplier price, and number of orders. If you need to clear all selected filters, use the Clear all filters button above.

Import settings

Before adding products, you can apply necessary import settings in the sidebar on the left.

Create categories from product database – if you don't select a category from your site and activate this option, the plugin will create and add the same categories presented in the database.

There are three options: Use full structure,  Create child categories, and Create parent categories.

When you choose Use full structure, the product will be imported with the whole category structure from the database, i.e. 'Smartphones / Phone Cases & Bags / Phone Case'.

Create child categories means importing with the narrowest category only (i.e. 'Phone Cases & Bags / Phone Case').

Create parent categories mean importing products with the widest category only (i.e. 'Smartphones / Phone Case').
Here's an example of importing a product with the whole database structure.

Remove item specifics use this option if you don't want to import product attributes like brand name, material, style, item type, etc.

Publish products – if this option is enabled, the products you import will be published right away. Otherwise the items will first appear in your import list so that you can publish them later.

Select a category to import products to. You can import products one by one using Import button. If you want to import more than one product at once, tick the boxes or select everything and click the Import selected button. The number of products selected for import is shown in the button. 


If you imported some product, but then deleted it, your import balance will not be restored. But you can import this product again using the Re-import button. It will not affect your import balance.

Mind that if you remove the product from your site, but still have it in Trash, the imported product will have inactive Imported button. When you delete the product both from the site and from Trash as well, this product will have active Re-import button.

Pay attention that if you delete your WordPress database on your hosting, you will not have the Re-import button – all the products imported before will be shown with Import option only.

NOTE: there are two versions of AliDropship plugin – Original and Woo. If you have built the store using AliDropship original, imported products from AliDropship database and then decided to switch to AliDropship Woo + WooCommerce, all imported products will not be compatible with the new scheme. You’ll have to delete the products and reimport them. The same thing happens if you switch from AliDropship Woo to original one. Keep in mind that you’ll have to rebuild your site and reimport the products.

Imports History

Imports History section is made to help you quickly view all your products previously imported from the database. Besides, here you can easily find the products which you deleted from your site and import them back with the help of the Re-import button.

This section contains a list of all products imported from the database to your store with the date and time they were imported. Here you can see how many imports you have already used and how many products are no longer available on AliExpress.

From time to time some products may disappear from AliExpress as their listing date has expired or the listing policy has been somehow violated by the supplier. If the product disappears from AliExpress, it accordingly disappears from the database and hence from your site, such things can happen to dropshipping stores. This is why we provide additional bonus imports to each import package, so you can add something new instead of the disappeared product. We do not compensate the imports spent on these products, it's a standard risk in dropshipping business, and bonus imports should cover potential losses.

The products that are on your site now have inactive grey Imported button. The products that were imported and then deleted from your site have green Re-import button.

Add imports

You get first 50 imports for free. If you need more products, go to the Get More Imports section. Choose and order a suitable imports package. Once you have purchased the package, you will receive a notification email with your package code. To activate it, copy the code and go to Import ProductsAdd imports. Paste the package code into the Enter your package code field and click Activate. As soon as you enter your package code, product imports will be added to your balance.

Pay attention that each package code is bound with the license of the site it was activated on. So, you cannot split one imports package on several domains. If you need packages for two or more sites, you should activate different package codes for each of them.

Product images

Note that when you import products from AliDropship database (not from AliExpress directly), there is no option to obtain only product images links and leave images on AliExpress. All product images will be saved on your hosting server. The average size of the product upload varies from 3MB to 100MB for each 10 items and depends on the number and quality of images. So, if you import a lot of edited products from AliDropship database, you should keep in mind that your hosting server must have enough disk space.

If images are missing in the products imported from the integrated database, it means that the process of images upload has been interrupted. Please try to remove such products (don't forget to delete them from Trash as well) and re-import them using Re-import button. You need to wait until: 1) the progress bar is full and green in each product; 2) green active Re-import button turns into grey inactive Imported button; 3) the message telling that importing is complete appears. Please do not leave or reload the page until all the products are re-imported.

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