AliShipping is a smart tool, which helps you to import Shipping methods from Products on AliExpress directly to your Products on your website.

Important! To use AliShipping tool make sure that AliDropship extension is installed on your browser.

Note: AliShipping imports only Shipping Methods related to suppliers in China, but not to any other suppliers from other destinations;

Note: different Products added to Cart will have separate Shipping Methods (even if Products are from the same Supplier).

You can order it here.

AliExpress Shipping methods:

Same Shipping methods after import to your website:

Go to Plugins -> Add New -> Upload Plugin:

Choose the .zip file of the add-on and click Install Now:

Click Activate Plugin:

Let's start importing Shipping methods on your site. First of all, you need to reach AliShipping in your Dashboard here and enter your license key:

Click 'Add to new products':

After the Upload is done, click 'Shipping methods' to check the result:

Now you can see the list of all your Shipping methods, which are applied to the Products on your site.

Also, you can change any title of Shipping method the way you like:

In case you don't want certain Shipping to appear at your Store, you can disable it by clicking the relevant toggle:

You can also edit Shipping costs for any product in the Products section:

After you are ready with editing titles of Shipping methods, they will be available for every Product on your website in the Checkout section:

There are also four features here: 

  • You can add ‘ePacket’ as a free shipping option;
  • You can disable default AliDropship plugin shipping options;
  • You can disable the Shipping Methods costs multiplier for same Product (e.g. your client orders 10 pcs of same Product and he or she is going to pay only for Shipping of one Product, not for 10)
  • You can set AliShipping add-on Shipping Methods as priority over AliDropship extension Shipping Methods

You can enable these features here:

Also, you can customize texts, which are shown on the checkout such as:

  • the text shown at the Shipping section of the checkout page (Woo only)
  • the text shown when Shipping is not available for the selected address (Woo only)
  • the 'days delivery' text (Woo only)
  • the text when Shipping is free (Woo only)

Also, you can update the information about the Shipping Methods you have already imported on your website by clicking 'Update' button:

Also, there is an auto-update in AliShipping add-on. By moving mouse cursor on the 'Update' button, you will see the date of the last 100% Shipping Methods update:

Important! Make sure, that 'Apply to each product' toggle is enabled in your 'Shipping' section of AliDropship Original plugin. Please, keep in mind, that you need to enable only this toggle here, not the any other ones.

AliShipping add-on tool is compatible with the following Themes from this list:

If you are using AliShipping with AliDropship Woo plugin, you need to enable 'Force shipping to the customer billing address'. 

Go to WooCommerce -> Settings -> Shipping -> Shipping options and enable 'Force shipping to the customer billing address':

In case you have any custom Products (not from AliExpress), you can use the Custom Shipping method (available only for Woo):

If 'Name' field is empty, Custom Shipping method is disabled.

You can always order the Setup Service for this add-on here:

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