Choosing a proper niche is vital for success of any dropshipping store. This is why you should make a thorough research with the help of various online tools and analyse market trends carefully.

Luckily now you can save tons of time and get all necessary information without doing niche research on your own – everything is already collected in Best Niches Insight.

To get the full analysis of a desired niche, first select niches with the help of the filters. First of all, choose a category you are interested in from the dropdown list. Then, if you need to narrow results, you can select a country, a type of trend and a gender. 

The first significant point is your target region. This is why you should study top countries where this niche is most popular to evaluate your chances of success.

The next thing to pay attention to is a trend. Here you can see how the worldwide interest to the chosen niche changed over the past five years. A trend can be stable, changeable (for example, some seasonal fluctuations are possible), increasing, or decreasing.

The following column demonstrates Google search volume per month. If the result ranges from 5,000 to 50,000, it's a good sign. If the figure is less than 5,000, the niche is not very popular enough, and you may face some difficulties with promotion. And if the search volume exceeds 50,000, the demand is really high, but the competition is extremely sharp, and you'll have to try hard to compete with other sellers. Anyway, in both cases you'll need to pick keywords properly to be noticed by search engines.

Social media are great to assess the potential of your niche. This is why another important criterion of potential demand is Facebook audience – number of monthly active people showing interest to this niche on the most popular social network.  

Sometimes your target audience is mostly male or female. In this case you'll need such parameter as gender interest. This parameter displays the percentage of men and women showing interest to this niche on Facebook.

If you click the niche title, you'll be redirected to Top Suppliers Insight section showing all available suppliers providing products in this niche.

If you click the category in the niche, you'll see all niches in this category.

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