Once you purchase AliDropship hosting service, you get several emails. One of them has Welcome title and contains your access details to a billing client area.

You can login the client area with https://whmcs.alidropship.com link:

Or you can use a direct link https://whmcs.alidropship.com/clientarea.php

Also there is an option to reach a client area via cPanel account in the Billing & Support section. This section has several subsections. If you click one of them, you'll be redirected to your whmcs.alidropship.com client area.

Use login email and password from the Welcome email to login the client area.

NB! If you change your billing contact email in your client area, your login email will be automatically changed to this new email.

This is how the client area's main page looks like:

In the client area you can see your hosting service(s) with a status (active, suspended, terminated), issued invoices, recent news added by hosting team. You can change your personal info to be added to your invoices and change contact details, open ticket , upgrade your hosting plan, check the knowledgebase, change password.

Please note, WHMcS ticket support system is attended by hosting support only. If you have questions according to AliDropship plugin, Custom Stores or other AliDropship projects and services, email support@alidropship.com or fill out the contact form.

You can also add your credit card details to your billing area in the Billing → Payment methods section:

Please note, if you have your valid credit card details stored in your client area, then a hosting service that has the payment method Credit Card or Stripe will automatically attempt to process payment from the credit card. And each new hosting invoice will be paid automatically from this card. That is way our billing system works and this is how you can enable an autopayment for your hosting services. If you don't want your hosting renewal or upgrade invoices to be paid automatically, just do not save credit card details in your client area.

If you have more questions, contact us at support@alidropship.com.

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