Once you purchase AliDropship hosting service, you get several emails. One of them has New Account Information or AliDropship Hosting Account Access title and contains your cPanel access details.

If you've lost this email or forgot your cPanel access details, continue reading this guide. If you know your cPanel URL, login and password and would like just to change a current password, scroll down to point 3.

1. I forgot my cPanel URL, login and password.

In this case you need to contact us at support@alidropship.com, because you'll need your cPanel URL and login to reset password.

2. My cPanel password does not fit for some reason or I forgot my cPanel password

You can use the Reset Password link:

Enter your cPanel username:

Then you need to paste your cPanel contact email to receive a reset link: 

If you've not changed your cPanel contact email manually, the email you need to paste is the same you used for hosting purchase. Anyway, you'll get a hint to paste the correct email address. In our example in the screenshot, the contact email starts with t and ends with t also, the mail service after @ symbol starts with g and ends with l (yes, that's gmail.com, obviously :) )

If a hint does not match your contact email, get in touch with our support at support@alidropship.com.

Paste the email address and click the Send Security Code button. You'll see the following window:

Check your contact mailbox to get the code. If there is no email from cPanel in your mailbox, check your Spam folder.

Paste the code and click Submit.

In a new window you can paste or generate new password for your cPanel.

Once the password has been set, you'll see the following window:

FTP and SSH services are punctuated, means only these services (to be more exact, the default accounts of these services) are affected after the cPanel password change in AliDropship hosting. 

Now you can login your cPanel with the new password.

3. I know my login details, I just want to change my password

Login to your cPanel. On the top right corner of cPanel there is the Account Management section named with your cPanel login, you need to click it and then choose the Password & Security section.

Also you can reach the same section from cPanel Preferences Password & Security:

You need to enter your old password, a new one and repeat the new one. We recommend using the 'Password Generator' to create a strong password. Please, make sure you've kept your password in a safe place!

Click Change your password now. You'll be redirected to cPanel login page. Now you can login your cPanel with new password.

If something went wrong or you require any assistance, contact our support team at support@alidropship.com

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