1. Go to the Google Developer Console.

2. In the Google Developers Console, click the Projects Menu:

3. Enter your Project Name and click the Create button:

4. Click the Enable APIs and Services link in Dashboard:

5. Locate the Google Analytics API and click it:

6. Enable it:

7. Click Create credentials: 

8. Skip the next step by clicking Cancel:

9. Click the Create Credentials and select OAuth client ID option:

10. Click the Configure Consent Screen button:

11. Enter your Application name:

12. Enter your domain name to the Authorized domains and click the Save button:

13. Select Other, enter Name -> Create

12. Client ID and Secret Client will be displayed to you:

13. Copy them and paste in your WordPress admin area -> AliDropship -> Reports -> Traffic Report:

14. If you see this screen, just click Advanced -> Go to ... (your app):

15. Now you can choose an account to continue -> copy the Access code and paste it in WordPress admin area: 

How to set up Traffic report?

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