Import Supplier is a very useful option for those who prefer to work with a limited number of suppliers. 

To start importing products from a particular supplier, you can select one of your suppliers already available on your store or find a supplier by its Store ID. Go to AliExpress store page → copy the store ID → paste this store ID → click Apply (make sure your site is authorized at AliExpress):

When synchronization is completed,  you will see all the stores categories that could be imported to your store: 

Click Check all if you want to import all product categories or select the ones you need:

You can select your store category where products from AliExpress will be imported to: 

Or use the supplier category – it will be created in your store automatically:

Click the eye icon if you want to look through the category on AliExpress: 

If you want your products to be published right after the import, tick the Publish products checkbox:

You can also remove text or images from the product's description:

You can filter products by their cost, stock, the number of orders or rating. Click Import:

IMPORTANT: When you Import supplier, all product images will NOT be saved on your server (even if the option ‘save images on your server’ is enabled in AliDropship settings). If you need to save images on your server after import, go to AliDropship → Settings → General → Product Images and click Upload Images.

When import is completed, go to your Products to check the new items:


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