Note. Make sure you've completed all steps in this guide before starting the installation process.

You need to have a user and an empty database linked to it so let's create both.

Note. If you already have a database, make sure it's empty.

Step 1. Create a database in cPanel:

Step 2. Create a user and set a password. Save the password, you'll need it later:

Step 3. Link the user to the database:

Step 4. Give all available privileges to the user and click 'Make changes':

Step 5. Go to the File Manager in cPanel:

For the next step you will need 3 files:

  1. where 'yourdomain' is the domain you chose for your website;
  2. en-GB.kickstart.ini;
  3. kickstart.php.

Step 6. Upload the files to the root directory of your domain. The root directory is usually a folder called 'public_html':

Step 7. Wait for the upload to finish:

Step 8. Follow this link: Before clicking the link replace 'yourdomain' with the domain you chose for your website.

Step 9. Akeeba Kickstart Core will open and give you a warning. The warning includes some general rules of using the service. You can close it:

Step 10. Make sure Akeeba finds the file:

Step 11. Scroll to the bottom of the page and click 'Start' under the 'Extract Files':

Step 12. Wait for the extraction to finish:

Step 13. The extraction is complete. Run the installer:

Step 14. Your settings should look like this by default. If they do, you don't need to change anything. Click 'Next': 

If your settings look differently, look into the server settings or contact your hosting provider.

Step 15. For this step you will need the database you created in Step 1 and the username/password you created in Step 2. Set database server host name to 'localhost':

If your advanced settings look like this, you don't need to change anything:

Click 'Next'.

Step 16. Wait for the database restoration and click 'Next Step':

Step 17. Set your site name. The tagline is optional:

Your site name will be visible on a browser tab:

Step 18. Set the email where you wish to recieve technical notifications from your website and a password:

Save the password. You will need it to log in to the admin area of your website:

Click 'Next'.

Step 19.
Your settings should look like this by default. If they do, you don't need to change anything. Click 'Next':

Step 20. Wait until the data replacement is complete and close the current browser tab:

Step 21. Return to the previous tab and clean up:

Step 22. The installation is complete and now you can visit your online store:

Your store is already operational, but you need to configure it from the admin area

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