Sometimes it may happen that you want to import the reviews for your products, but for some reason they are not imported. You click the Import button and nothing happens. Find the steps below to troubleshoot this issue.

1. The import reviews feature requires Google Chrome browser and it will not work in other browsers like Opera or Internet Explorer. So, make sure you use Google Chrome browser with the AliDropship extension installed. 

2. Check if the products have reviews on AliExpress. Note that AliDropship plugin imports only the reviews that contain text. For example:

Here you see that a product has 4 reviews, but only one of the reviews has a text. So the plugin will only import one review for this product.

3. Language couldn't be changed. Go to AliExpress and change language manually.

You will see this message when you set to translate the reviews to the English language but your AliExpress site page is currently set in another language. Go to AliExpress and change the language to the same you want to translate the reviews to:

4. If you tried the above mentioned steps, but the reviews are still not imported, it may be caused by the conflict with another plugin. To identify which one causes the issue, deactivate all your plugins except AliDropship. (🚩 If you are using AliDropship Woo, please deactivate all the plugins apart from AliDropship Woo and WooCommerce.)

If the issue disappears, activate the plugins one by one to determine which one is causing the issue.

5. If you deactivate all the plugins and the issue persists, please check if it can be caused by Cloudflare. How is it the reason?

If you checked everything, deactivated third-party plugins, disabled Cloudflare and still no result – please contact support at 

Please be ready to provide the access to your WordPress admin area and hosting cPanel account for further investigation and fix.

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