Purchase Upsell add-on allows you to create upsell offers for your customers after they complete an order. Upsell offer may look like this:

To create an upsell offer, you should start from 'Dashboard':

You can manage your upsell offers here. You can: 

  • create them, by clicking green 'Create' button;
  • enable/disable, by enabling/disabling the 'Status' toggle;
  • edit (by clicking 'pencil' icon) and delete (by clicking 'trash' icon, or 'Delete Bulk' and selecting several upsell offers)

Click 'Create' to create a new upsell offer with a default title 'new'. You should click the 'pencil' icon to proceed with the creation of this upsell offer:

That will bring you here:

The new upsell offer is already provided with the default template, which you can use. Though, you can also edit this template and put your own words and expressions instead of the default ones in fields starting from Top text to Cancel text. 

Pay attention, that words in these brackets {{}} are variables, which refer to things they are named after. It is not recommended to edit them, but you can change their order, for example, in case you need that.

Select product for your upsell offer here (only one product):

and choose Products or Categories to apply your upsell to:

Click Save and activate after you are ready with the configuration of your upsell offer:

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