To install demo content (pages, WooCommerce categories, menus and plugins), go to your Dashboard → Matisse Woo → General.
On the left-hand side of the page there is the Install plugins block where you can find the list of required and recommended plugins. Plugins you have already installed are marked as 'Active'. Check or uncheck items if necessary.

A child theme can be installed in the Install Child Theme section. Give it another name or leave as it is and press the Install Child button. 

Proceed to Install demo to create demo content. Use the toggle switches so that demo content suits your needs.  

You will find more settings in the Single Product Page tab.

First, select your featured product. To do this, enter its ID in the correspondent field and press Save Product.

You can check your product ID in WP Dashboard → Products → All Products. Just hover on the product title to see its ID. 

Alternatively, you can get your product ID from its link. Go to the product details and copy the number between the '=' and '&' signs. 

You can manage your product tabs in Matisse Woo → Single Product tab: enable/disable them and edit default content. 

In the WooCommerce tab, you can enable your side Shopping cart and Shopping cart page if necessary. 

Go to the Service Pages tab to edit your 404 page. 

In the Additional tab, you can add you custom code.


To manage your menu, go to AppearanceMenus and select a menu to make changes to. Check items which should be added to your menu in the left-hand sidebar. 

'Main menu' includes: 

  • Header menu (desktop)

  • Mobile menu

'About' and 'Support' menus can be found in the Footer #1 area. To customize your widgets, go to WP Dashboard → Appearance → Widgets.

Edit your payment icons in the Footer #2 widget. 

You'll find more footer customization settings in Dashboard → Appearance → Customize → Footer


To adjust theme customization settings to your needs and modify your website appearance, go to Dashboard → Appearance → Customize. Click on pencil icons to edit specific elements.



Manage your sticky header and adjust colors. 


Upload your logo and favicon and add site title. 


Use the Account checkbox to hide the Log in link in your website header. 


Adjust your header cart colors. 



Go to Front Page → Hero Image to upload your banner, edit text, add links and select colors. You can upload images desktop, tablet, and mobile versions of your website so it looks perfect on all devices.


On your Homepage, you can show product description blocks. Add images, text and links.


In the corresponding dropdown, choose your video source: YouTube, Vimeo and Mp4. Adjust your color settings and add eye-catching text. Also, you can upload a cover image for your video. 


Edit your store features if necessary: alter the default text and upload your own images.


Disable this block or edit the default questions and answers if necessary. 


Add your Instagram username to display your feed. Uncheck the Show button option to hide the button under your Instagram photos. 


In this block, you can customize the way your product looks on Homepage and on Product page (i.e. these settings apply to both pages, you don't need to customize the two product card twice).
There are two differences between them, though:

  • You can show / hide the Buy now button and the View details link on Homepage

  • You can show / hide social share buttons on Product page. 

Add list of benefits under the Buy now button, choose discount badge color and show/hide product SKU. 


You'll find more options in the Customer Reviews tab: edit the block heading, add a subheading and show/hide the Write a review option, verified buyer badge, and review date.

You can break comments into 'Load more' pages in your WP Settings → Discussion. Enter number of reviews you want to be shown per page.


All review photos are gathered in Customer gallery automatically. Edit section heading or hide the block if necessary.

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