With the help of this tool you can create bulk discounts on your Products. Your customers will see the offer right on your Product Page:

To create a bulk discount, you should reach the Dashboard of the Bulk Discount add-on:

Dashboard is a place where you can create your bulk discounts and also view information about your already created discounts:

  • Create -- click to create a new bulk discount;
  • Delete Bulk -- click to delete several discounts at once by selecting them;
  • Title -- a titile for internal use only;
  • Apply to -- information about the type of the discount. A discount can be applied; to a category or to a product or several products (even from different categories);
  • Total -- information about views and orders generated by the discount;
  • Status -- enable or disable the discount by switching this toggle;
  • Action -- edit or delete the discount.

After you click 'Create' button, a new not activated bulk discount appears. To start working with it, you should click 'edit' button:

  • Enable your discount and customize its internal title (if needed):
  • Choose the type of your discount. Click 'Add' to add Products to your discount:
  • Select Products:

Here you can set values for your discount:

  • Quantity: estimates the quantity of Products to be discounted;
  • Discount type: % Discount or $ Amount discount;
  • Amount/Discount, %: ┬ánumeric value for the discount;
  • {{quantity}}PCS (SAVE {{value}}) -- Text template of the discount, which is shown on the Product page

Fill in required information and click '+' to add the discount

Click 'Save and activate' when you are ready:

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