1. I don't have the Place Order Automatically button in my Wordpress.

Normally, it should look like this:

If you do not have this button, check the following:

  • You are using the Google Chrome Browser
  • The Alidropship Extension is installed 
  • The purchased product is not deleted from your Products.

2. I click the button Place Order Automatically, but nothing happens

  • Check if the mb_string module is enabled on your server.
  • Try to deactivate the third-party plugins
  • Deactivate Cloudflare from your name servers, if you have it.

3. I do not even have the Orders tab in my Wordpress!
You are using Woocommerce, where the orders are not a part of Alidropship Woo, they are a part of Woocommerce. So you find the orders tab here:

And this is how the order looks inside:

Also check the videos
How the process of placing of the order looks in Alidropship Original plugin
How it looks in Alidropship Woo + Woocommerce.

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