Due to the upcoming changes in way Instagram fetches media, you might need to get your Access Token to be able to show photos and videos posted in your Instagram account. To do this, you can use either the guide below or the guide provided by Facebook.

Log in to Facebook platform for developers. If you haven't created any apps before, click Create App to get started. You might want to use this guide to learn how to create a FB app.

If you already have an app, go to its details and click the + icon to add a product.

In the list, choose Instagram as a new product to set up. 

In your left-hand dashboard, go to the Basic Display tab. Scroll down the page and hit the Create New App button.

In the pop-up window, add a display name to your new Instagram App. Click Create App to continue. 

To continue, add your domain name as Valid OAuth Redirect URIs, Deauthorize Callback URL and Data Deletion Request URL. Click Save Changes

Next step is to add Instagram testers. To get started, use the Add or Remove Instagram Testers button. 

You will be redirected to the Roles tab. Scroll down the page and click the Add Instagram Testers button.

In the pop-up window, enter your Instagram username. Click Submit to continue. 

In the Roles tab, scroll down the page. At the bottom of the page, you'll see a pending request. Use the Apps and Websites link to manage requests in your Instagram account. You will be redirected to your Instagram account. 

Go to the Tester Invites tab. Click the Accept button to accept the invite. 

Go back to the Basic Display tab in your Facebook for developers account. Scroll down the page to see the User Token Generator section. Click Generate Token to continue. Make sure your Instagram account is open to public (i.e. not private). 

In the pop-up window, authorize access to your media. 

Once you have done so, you will be able to copy your Access Token. Carefully read the details and check 'I Understand'.  Copy your Access Token. Click Done to close the window.

The last step is to add your Instagram username and your Access Token in your Instagram widget. Publish the changes.

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