Installing WordPress

Note. If you already have WordPress installed, make sure it's empty, i.e. there are no third-party plugins and themes as all the data will be deleted.

Step 1. In your cPanel go to Wordpress Toolkit:

Step 2. Go to Installations -> Install:

Now will need to set the base parameters of the new installation.

Please follow the instructions on the screenshots bellow to proceed with installation.

Step 3. Don't forget to save your username and password somewhere.

You will need your username and password to log into the WordPress admin area later.

Step 4. Press the Install button once you finish with the settings. The installation will be completed in a few minutes!

Now that WordPress is installed, you can proceed with installing your Premium Dropshipping Store.

Installing Your Premium Dropshipping Store

Step 1. Go to the WordPress admin area. In the search bar type in your domain name followed by 'wp-admin':

Step 2. Enter your username and password which you set earlier and click Log In:

Step 3. You have now accessed the WordPress admin area. First thing let's make your website secure. Go to Settings → General:

Step 4. In these fields replace 'http' with 'https' and save the changes:

Note. After this step you will need to re-log into the WordPress admin area.

Now that your website is safe you can install your Premium Dropshipping Store. When you bought the store you received a .zip archive. In the 'Premium Dropshipping Store Plugins' folder of the archive you will find two versions of the same plugin:

● 'premiumreplica_ion71' for PHP 7.1;
● 'premiumreplica_ion72' for PHP 7.2 and higher.

Note. The plugin we will install must match the PHP version of your hosting. Learn how to look up the PHP version of your hosting and change it in cPanel here.

Step 5. Go to Plugins → Add New:

Step 6. Click Upload Plugin:

Step 7. Select the plugin file mentioned earlier (premiumreplica_ion72 or premiumreplica_ion71) and click Install Now:

Step 8. Activate the plugin:

Step 9. The plugin will ask for the API keys from the email that you received when you bought the store:

Copy these keys and go to Premium Replica → API Keys:

Step 10. Paste your API keys and click Activate:

Step 11. When the plugin is activated, you will need to activate AliDropship products. Copy the license keys from the email that you received when you bought the store:

Step 12. Go to Premium Replica → Install:

Step 13. Paste the license keys to the corresponding fields and click Save:

Step 14. Move on to Plugins Installation and simply click Install Plugins. The system will install the AliDropship products for you:

Step 15. Proceed with the Theme Installation and install the theme:

Step 16. One last thing here is to import data:

Check that the plugins are active, the theme is installed and the data imported:

Step 17. Your store is already operational, but for now it's empty. Let's fill it with products. Go to Premium Replica → Import Products:

Step 18. Click Import Products:

The process is dependant on the quality of your internet connection and can take up to several hours: 

That's it! 

The basic setup is complete. Explore the Knowledge Base to learn how to create a branded email, start receiving payments, send emails to your customers and much more.

Or let our managers take care of everything for you.

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