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This article will help you to navigate your hosting account and answer the popular questions.

  1. I’ve made a hosting purchase. Where do I find my access details?

After you purchase AliDropship hosting service, you get several emails to the contact email address you’ve stated in the checkout process. Please check Spam folders of your mailbox if you haven’t received these emails. If there are no emails in Spam folders, contact us at

NB! If you’ve purchased AliDropship Custom Store service along with AliDropship hosting, hosting account will not be created automatically. Your personal Custom Store manager will create your hosting account once you choose a domain name for your store.

    2. How to customize my cPanel and billing account?

When you purchase AliDropship hosting service, you receive three welcome emails with the log in credentials to your account. The account and a test domain name are created for you automatically. Please note that by default your site is not preconfigured, that is neither WordPress nor SSL certificate are installed.
You can find detailed guides on how to operate your AliDropship hosting account here: cPanel and billing.

    3. Why my primary domain looks like

By default, the primary domain of a cPanel account is a randomly generated subdomain. It is meant to be replaced with a proper domain name afterwards. 

To get a domain name, please apply to domain name registrars like GoDaddy or Namecheap. We recommend to follow this guide from our blog to learn more about domains and domain registrars. Also we have a guide which will help you to choose a name of your webstore.

   4. OK, I’ve chosen and bought my domain. What’s next?

You need to point your domain to AliDropship hosting. To do that you need to set new Nameservers for your domain in your domain registrar’s account. Here you can find the guide with more details and links to popular domain registrar’s guides about how to set new Nameservers for a domain. You can find AliDropship Nameservers settings in the first letter you received after purchasing AliDropship hosting service. 

   5. I’ve applied AliDropship Nameservers for my domain, but the website is still not available online.

AliDropship Nameservers delegate a domain name to a hosting server. However, if a domain name is not attached to your hosting account and WordPress is not installed for this domain name on your account as well, the website will not be available.

To attach your domain name to your cPanel account, follow this instruction.

To change primary test domain name to your own domain, contact us at

You can install WordPress for your attached domain with this guide or contact us for assistance.

   6. I need help installing my site!

We can assist you with installing WordPress, SSL certificate, AliDropship plugin and compatible theme for your site. You just need to set AliDropship Nameservers for your domain, contact us at and send your domain name and preferable AliDropship plugin version: original or Woo.

    7. SSL is not enabled for my domain.

You can issue SSL certificate for your domain from your cPanel. If you’ve followed the guide, but the problem persists, check if your site has mixed content

    8. I want to use more than one domain with my hosting account.

You can attach up to 5, 10 or 30 websites to AliDropship hosting account depending on your hosting plan.

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