When product is sent to Shopify - it will be removed from 'Import list' of AliDropship app and will be added to 'My products' section:

Once the product is sent to Shopify - it could be edited either at Shopify or at AliDropship app - all changes will be synchronized.


In the General section you can check and customize general information about the product.

You can start with editing the title of the product so that it meets certain requirements:

  • Capitalize first letter of each word

  • Use keywords

  • Delete unnecessary and misleading words

  • Don’t use too many words (4-5 is usually enough)

  • Ampersands (&) should not be used in titles unless they are part of the products brand name

In the description field, which is situated below the product name field, there’s a possibility to edit and add product description and images. Make sure that the descriptions uploaded from Chinese supplier are assessed properly and do not contain information from supplier, grammar mistakes, factory photos, etc.

You can edit Price, Sale price (if product has variants - price is edited in Variants tab), Stock:

Select Collection or create a new one:

Add Product type and Tags:

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