When you import products from AliExpress, you may see different warehouse locations the product can be shipped from ('Ships From' attribute). There are different ways of how to manage the 'Ships From' attribute.

  • Leave only one 'Ships from' option to target customers from a specific country the product is shipped from.

For example, if you want to target the United States and want your products to be shipped only within the United States, then remove all other 'Ships From' options and leave only United States option in the 'Ships From' attribute:

  • Rename 'Ships From' attribute and its options to hide the origin country from your customers and to make it suitable for customers worldwide.

For example, you can rename attribute 'Ships From' to 'Your location' and change the name of the countries to 'Within US/Europe' or 'Outside US/Europe':

AliDropship original plugin:

  1. Go to Product Options → Attributes → rename the 'Ship from' attribute to 'Your location'.

  2. Rename 'China' to 'Outside US', 'United States' to 'Within US', delete 'Russian Federation' → click Save Changes.

3. Go to Variations → delete all variations (we need to do that, because we have deleted the 'Russian Federation' option, and now we have incorrect variations):

4. Click +Add All. Correct variations will be created.

AliDropship Woo plugin:

  1. Go to Products → Attributes → find the 'Ships From' attribute → Rename it to 'Your location' (don't change slug, otherwise it will break sync with AliDropship Google Chrome extension and product won't be updated):

2. Go to product's Attributes → find your renamed attribute 'Your location' -→ click 'Configure terms' → rename attributes 'China' to 'Outside US', 'United States' to 'Within US', and delete attribute 'Russian Federation':

4. Go to Product Options → Attributes → make sure you have 'Outside US' and 'Within US' instead of 'China', 'Russian Federation' and 'United States'.

5. Go to Variations: we need to delete variations which were connected with 'Russian Federation' attribute:

You will get 4 possible variations:

6. Update the product:

Please remember that you can't delete attributes in WooCommerce, it will break sync with AliDropship Google Chrome extension, and product won't be updated.


AliDropship Woo :

1. Attribute names can be edited (but don't change slugs)
2. Attributes can't be deleted (otherwise they won't be updated)
3. Variation names can be edited
4. Variations can be deleted


Attributes and variations can be edited/deleted – products will be updated.

BUT (for both plugins): if a seller adds a new attribute for a product, it needs to be reset to be updated further.


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