Gift Box add-on will help you to create highly customizable gift offers on your website:

You can order it here.

To install the add-on, go to the Plugins area → Add New and upload the zip file you have downloaded from the Thank you page or from the email you received after the purchase. Click Install Now.

Activate the add-on and your license key.

Let's create some gifts on a website. Go to Dashboard first:

You can view statistics, create and manage your gifts at Dashboard:

As you can see, there are already some gifts created already and some of them are active and other ones are disabled. You can enable several gifts at one time and disable them whenever you need. Also, you can change order of these gifts simply by dragging them to the positions you need.

Click Create Gift to proceed:

There are several gift types available here:

Let's create the Discount Gift.

  • Create a Title for your discount, select an icon and set the discount amount you want be offered in this gift:

  • Choose from several available conditions for the gift:

  • Make any amendments to the default text template:

  • Click Save and Activate:

  • Result:

Let's create the Free Product:

  • Create a Title for your discount and select the Free Product:

  • Choose a condition. Let's choose the Product condition this time:

  • Click Save and Activate:

  • Result:

Let's create the Free Product Choice.

  • Its creation process is the same as for Free Product, but here you can set a list of several Products, which your customers may choose as a gift:

  • Result:

Let's create the Custom Free Gift.

  • Use this type of gift, when you want to make some special offer for your customers, for example a special gift box for their order.

  • Create a Title of your Gift and the Name of your Gift:

  • Set Original Price of the Gift, choose Conditions and click Save and Activate:

Also, you can customize your Gift offers on your website in Settings.

  • Position (position preview is available for desktop version only):

  • Widget Colours Customization:

  • Custom Wording:

  • Triggering:

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