You can create your own templates for product and category descriptions in the Templates section.

Choose the necessary subsection – Product Description Templates or Category Description Templates. In each subsection there are several tabs, they are equal to the description blocks in Settings.

The Product Q&A and Ordering & Store Policies blocks allow adding up to five templates for each block.

You can switch modes using the Editor mode / Text mode button.

If you want your template to be used instead of the default integrated template, activate the Use instead of default option at the bottom of the page and click Save.

In Category Description Templates → Content block, you can add unlimited number of your own templates. To add a new template, use the Add New button:

To edit the selected template, click Edit. To close the edited and saved template, click Close.

To delete templates, click Delete.

Description tags

You can set templates for product and category descriptions using the following tags:

Product description tags:

  • {{mainword}} – the main keyword

  • {{word}} – any other keyword

  • {{price}} – price of the cheapest variation

  • {{add to cart}} – add product to cart

  • {{attribute}} – all product attribute names

  • {{category}} – product category

  • {{you save}} – discount amount

  • {{discount}} – discount percentage

  • {{title}} – product title

  • {{item specifics}} – item specifics set in Item Specifics settings

Category description tags:

  • {{category_prices}} – category price range

  • {{category_min_price}} – price of the cheapest product in the category

  • {{category_max_price}} – price of the most expensive product in the category

  • {{category_best_discount_percent}} – the biggest discount percentage in the category

  • {{category_amount_feedback}} – number of reviews in the category

  • {{category_name}} – category name

  • {{category_best_rate_product}} – product with the highest rate in the category

  • {{category_best_price_product}} – the cheapest product in the category

  • {{category_rand_product}} – any random product in the category

  • {{category_rand_feedback}} – any random product review in this category

  • {{category_other_rand}} – any other random category

Click the Save button to save changes.

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