Edit Product Info button generates keywords, product titles, and descriptions. Pay attention that each time you click Edit Product Info button, you spend a point from your deposit – even if you don’t save changes or click this button in the product which has already been edited.

There are three tabs in Edit Product Info window: Title Options, Competitors, and Additional Content.

Title Options rename the product using relevant keywords and significant characteristics.

The first line shows the main title which is composed of image-specific keywords.

The second title is made up of the original one.

In the third line you can see the original title for comparison.

You can also edit the title or write your own one.


This tab also provides a list of relevant keywords.

You can tick the boxes on the left to include or exclude necessary keywords.

If you click 'Show all keywords', you can look through the list af all keywords available for this product.

Besides, if you need to add your own keyword, you can enter a new keyword in the special field below and press a tick button to add it.

  • The star button sets the main keyword.
  • The text button adds the keyword to the product title.
  • The pin button adds the keyword to memory.
  • The pencil button edits the keyword.

Please make sure that boxes in the defined keywords are ticked, otherwise the description will show the {{word}} tag instead of the keyword.

Competitors tab displays information about titles of the same product in other stores.

  • The key button adds the selected title to keywords.
  • The text button adds the title to your product title.
  • The pin button adds the title as a keyword to memory.
  • The eye button opens the site with this product in a new tab.

Additional Content tab is used to add some information to description.

To save settings in all tabs, click Publish button.

Keywords editing

Sellika uses computer vision to recognize objects on the featured image and define keywords for them. Then these keywords are used in the product title and description. If you consider the defined keywords not relevant enough, you can change your keywords and title, save your new keywords and press Publish to get a perfect description.

Step 1: Press Edit Product Info and click the Pencil button in the keyword you need to edit.

Step 2: Edit the keyword and press the Save button (with a tick). Do the same for all keywords you want to be used in your description.

Step 3: Edit your product title and click the Publish button.

Before clicking Publish, please make sure that boxes in the defined keywords are marked with the ticks, otherwise the description will show the {{word}} tag instead of the keyword. If you mark more than three keywords, note that only the first three marked keywords will be included in the description.

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