Product description options

In Settings, there are the following Product description options:

  • Remove media from product description

  • Remove original text from product description

  • Put original description first

  • Add images from description to gallery

  • Show "Product Promo" block

  • Show "More Information" block

  • Show "Product Q&A" block

  • Show "Ordering & Store Policies" block

Using the first two options, you can remove supplier's media (images and video) and original text from the product description. Pay attention that if you enable these two options and disable the last four options, your product description will be empty!

The third option sets the order of descriptions. If this option is not activated, when you keep supplier's text and images and add some Sellika blocks, the text templates will come first, and the original information will be placed at the end of the description.

The fourth option allows downloading supplier's images from the product description to the product gallery.

The last four options set what blocks will be shown in the product descriptions. These blocks are ready-to-use templates. All texts in these blocks are useful for marketing purposes and combine product information with some call to action patterns. Besides, you can add your own templates in the Templates section and use them instead.

The Product Promo and Product Questions & Answers blocks can contain product's price. You don't need to edit this price, the plugin takes your current price for this product (the price of the cheapest variation).

More Information block includes some item specifics of the product that you previously added to the Item specifics list in the Settings.

Category description options

There are the following Category description options:

  • Add Content block

  • Add Additional block

  • Add Footer block

Pay attention that the Footer block displays random customers' reviews. If there are no reviews for products in the chosen category, there will be only dots without text.

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