This useful option can be used in these cases:

  • find another supplier for products that have gone out of stock;

  • add a new supplier to your products and merge different suppliers' products into one;

For example, you find glasses available in several colors offered by one supplier, and the same glasses but in different colors offered by another supplier. With variant mapping, you can combine these 2 products into one with more variants available.

How it works:

  1. Go to the product you want to edit → Product Options → Supplier → Add Supplier, enter the AliExpress link of product you want to use:

New supplier has been added:

2. Go to the Variations tab where you can set supplier for each variation:

Default supplier means the original supplier.

If you want to add an additional variation, go to Attributes → Click +Add Item → Enter the name and insert the image* → Click Save Changes:

*image can be set automatically when you select the AliExpress variation (see the next step).

Go to Variations → click Add Variation or Add All → select the supplier you want this variation is attached to and set AliExpress variation:

When you save changes, pricing formula will be applied to the variation and image will be added automatically.

If you want to delete supplier, go to Product Options → Supplier → click the Trash icon → Save Changes:

Newly added variation for deleted supplier will be attached to the default one:

If you want to reset all changes, go to Supplier and click Reset:

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