Editing products is possibly the most time-consuming and boring part of an ecommerce routine. Our task was to create a tool that edits product information quickly, making nice informative product pages in several clicks.

Sellika is a new plugin for WordPress that automates product information editing. It was created to solve the problems of tiresome product editing on ecommerce websites. Installed on your store, it generates clear product titles, informative descriptions, and product reviews in a few clicks.

Sellika uses computer vision algorithms to recognize and describe objects. Machine learning mechanisms allow creating nice expressive product pages with relevant keywords and valuable information. The plugin provides ready-to-use templates for product and category descriptions. Besides, it can generate SEO data, create product reviews, rename colors in product variations, compare product titles with your competitors, remove images, video and original text from product description, add media from description to gallery, add words to the stop list to exclude them from the product title – in a word, it fully automates product editing.

Using Sellika, you can:

  • edit dozens of products quickly and absolutely effortlessly

  • generate clear product titles and descriptions in a click

  • set pre-written templates for product and category descriptions or write your own

  • apply product SEO templates and define relevant keywords

  • create product reviews quickly

  • rename colors in product variations easily

  • compare your product information with what your competitors have

So, in a few clicks you get perfectly optimized product pages!

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